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We landed on the moon!

La di da doo da, bop ba da la la la cha cha- Oh hey! I didn’t see you come in. I was just singing a little ditty there. Well here we are, the second post. And people told me I would never last. In your face Mom! Well anyways, I’m still  fleshing things out around here, working on the layout and such, cause hey, I’m still a bloglodyte. (play on troglodyte. a caveman. but explaining that just made that joke((if you can call it that)) even lamer). But what has two thumbs and  can successfully use parentheses within parentheses? This guy. (I’m pointing at myself with my thumbs right now).  Man this post is sinking fast. So did you hear about the guy that bought an iguana, but when he brought it home, it just layed around all day and didn’t want to eat? So he took it to the vet and they told him that he had a bad case of reptile disfunction. I think I just saw some tumbleweed blow by my desk. So as you may or may not have figured out yet, I haven’t actually prepared anything for this post. 

I suppose I could talk about music. So last night I’m sitting here listening to DJ Shadow-Preemptive strike. Good stuff. Especially if you’re a 17 year old sitting in your parents basement playing Sega and getting chonged(if that is a word). I know what you kids are up to.  But yeah, just some beats to listen to and let the day melt away. 6 of the 11 songs are 5+ minutes long so you can just pop it into the cassette player and go about your business.

What else to talk about. Oh yeah, here’s a pretty nice video from back in 1994. Remember 1994? I know I do. hanging out in elementary, failing my multiplication tables, dominating on the kickball field, and trying to trade the fruit that my Mom packed in my lunch for something that was actually good. The group is called Digable Planets.

They don’t make hip hop like this anymore.


Still no catchy sign off.

Love, Sean

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  1. Berta
    February 11, 2010 at 5:46 pm

    Hello Seanie!!!! I’m reading your blog and I am absolutely captivated. You are a great writer!!! Keep it coming!

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