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Having a Delightful Tuesday

Hello, your favorite bloggist has returned.  You probably didn’t notice the lack of updates over the weekend. Well one person did.  But that doesn’t really count. This material doesn’t write itself you know. Gotta crack eggs to make an omelet. And the more eggs cracked, the more delicious this proverbial omelet becomes. For myself I tend to prefer a two to three egg omelet.  And for some reason I always feel sick after eating eggs, yet I continue to do it. That my friends is dedication. So yeah, that is why there were no updates. But hey, I’m giving the people what they want, which is less of this blog. To recap what has happened since I haven’t blogged, I will now run down a list of what I did since Thursday or Friday whenever the last one was.

-Saturday afternoon- strummed C-G-Am-F in reggae fashion for about 20 minutes

-Saturday 5pm-8pm- recorded Freemont, Nebraska’s top selling hip-hop artist over in Studio 3. 43 units moved over Thanksgiving weekend. This guy has rhymes so raw they should be cooked first. Preferably to an internal temperature of 165 degrees F. You can just check that with a meat thermometer, or stick a fork in it until it comes out clean. Let stand for 5 minutes. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

– Saturday night-Sunday morning- Went to B-Rad’s party. Hilarity ensued.

-Sunday- Watched the O’s for a little bit. And some movies. Drifted in and out of consciousness.

-Sunday evening- My brother in law, B-Hen, father of nephews Rone-Bone and Baby G, cooked chicken wild rice soup for the family. Distinct notes of parsley were detected.

-Monday- Math was briefly discussed with my associate Slim. Or Slimminy Cricket as I like to call him.

-Tuesday- While searching Craigslist with Chambs (pronounced chames i think. he’s british or something) an ad was uncovered that was looking for a “little person” to play an oompah loompah at someone’s Willie Wonka party. That pretty much makes fun of itself.

Tuesday evening- Typing this sentence as we speak. Maybe the next blog will be better. I just say that to keep people coming back. But they never do.

Didn’t really plan a Blog Song of the day, or “Blong” as the entertainment desk here at YCL Headquarters refers to it. I heard “Ain’t No Grave” by Johnny Cash on the Current this morning and it was good. Go listen to that.

Until tomorrow or the next day or the next day after that,(not the official sign off, still TBD)

Love Sean

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