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Blimpin’ Ain’t Eazay

February 18, 2010 3 comments

Seriously. It’s not. I looked into the operation of the Good Year blimp. So I cut my hair last night for the first time since September of 2009. Think about that. September of 2009. What crazy days those were. Conan O’Brien was still on the air, Rone-Bone’s (my nephew. see older post.) “Chicken Wing” dance was all the rage at my sister’s house, and I still had a shred of dignity left. How the times have changed. But I have officially shed my winter coat, and am gearing up for what looks to be a promising beach season. I also shaved, so my face now looks like a baby’s bottom. Or it’s smoother than a baby’s bottom. Whatev.

-On an unrelated note, I now have a bag of human hair that I need to get rid of. Perhaps if you are bald, going bald, or have a garden you could use it. I hear that spreading hair around the crops helps keep the local rodentry out.

-Listened to the Crosby Stills stuff this morning. Early indication is that I like it. (What’s up J-Char?)Air was also met with a warm reception. French electronica. Or as some people would say “Freedom” electronica.

-Don’t really feel like breaking down the work out routine. It is literally so grueling and multifarious that to put it into words would require a blog unto itself.

-Oh yeah, that book. 52 McGs, by the late, great, Robert McG. Thomas Jr.(1939-2000), of the New York Times. Obituaries of lesser known famous people. Tantalizing to say the least. My favorite possibly being Lewis J. Gorin Jr. He started the satirical organization “Veterans of Future Wars” in 1936. All they wanted was their bonus money before they went to war, so that they could enjoy it, while they still had their youthful, unblemished health. In other words, while they were Young, Clean, and Legit. HAYOOOOOOO!!! Oh yeah if anyone hasn’t gotten the joke yet, YCL is the opposite of Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Just an FYI. It ended up having tens of thousands of members at over 500 chapters throughout the country. And this was pre-Facebook groups. Let’s see “I don’t care how comfortable your crocs are you look like a dumbass” get that many members without the internet.

But enough of my mindless drivel. Here is the “Blong” (blog song) of the day. I wasn’t even aware the Gorillaz had a new album coming out. LooByrd and I had quite a productive lunch hour jamming out to this. But if you like those crazy German bastards known as Kraftwerk, then this is right up your alley.

Stylo, by the Gorillaz.

Ich liebe dich,


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