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Watch this.

Did you make it past the 20-second mark? I know I didn’t.  Maybe it gets good after that.  But I have a feeling if Harrison/Lennon were resurrected from the dead they could not save this song. This song makes me simultaneously angry, depressed, and oddly enough, what I imagine a prostitute feels like after a busy night. If you like this, I’m assuming you are a 14 year old living in the suburbs, your mother was addicted to PCP, or perhaps you were kicked in the head by by a rabid mule during the crucial developmental years of your young life. This “band” also has other “songs” (big time “finger quotes”) titled “Get Crunk” and “Skeet Skeet”. A 10 second preview of each song revealed that these songs sound exactly what you think they would sound like. GET CRUNK!!! WAAAAA!!!! GET CRUNK!!!! WAAAAAA!!!! These people walk among us. What if one of these guys showed up to take your daughter to prom? This is when it pays to have a large firearm of some sort displayed prominently in your living room. What are these guys going to think when they look back on this in 40 years? Probably not a whole lot. I would assume people like this don’t have a very prolonged lifespan. One of them will probably stick a fork in a socket at some point, I can see a future in prison for sexual assualt for another, and the rest of them will probably be getting so crunk and skeet skeeting everywhere that eventually they will find themselves 40 pounds overweight lying on a bloody pile of cardboard behind White Castle, trying to recollect when the skeeting ended and cold hard reality began.

-I loathe this song and everything it stands for.

Here is a great blong for everyone. If you like the blues that is. This song actually took talent, emotion, and experience to write. And the seasoned musical nerd will recognize that samples from it have been used by Big Daddy Kane, DMX, and Atmosphere. All around good tune. Albert King “I’ll Play the Blues for You”.

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