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Psychology 101

Sorry about the totally wack lack of Friday Fun Facts last week.  Don’t fret, it will be back. If I actually think of something good. Anyways, you ever have somebody get all up in your business, asking “What the hell is wrong with you?” I know this happens to me daily, so I began to wonder, what the heck actually is wrong with me? I took the Autism-Spectrum-Quotient test after reading “Mind Wide Open” by Steven Johnson, and followed that up by taking a  slew of other online psychological tests, only to find that I am apparently a slightly autistic, OCD ridden introvert. Not that these tests are all that accurate, since they are self-assessments, and it is also going off the algorithm of a computer program, but it was quite interesting what you can find out about yourself. I mean, the IQ test was obviously flawed, because I failed to score at genius levels. I didn’t even register as “gifted.” What a hot crock of crap, right? Feel free to take these as well, you may just learn something about yourself!

Here is the OCD test that I took, scoring a 13, which points to “OCD Likely”.  Allegedly the stove doesn’t need to be checked four times before I leave.

This next one was about right, with me clocking in as “Mild Adult ADHD”. I am pretty good at concentration. But I am also pretty bad at concentration.

This one is the Autism Spectrum Quotient test, with 1 being the least and 32 being super-autistic. The average person scores a 16.4. I got a 22. It’s starting to look like I have some problems. I’m not too worried though. Michelangelo and Beethoven were autistic, like REALLY autistic, and people seem to still hold their work in high regard.  Oh sure, they both kept pots of fecal matter around their dwellings and rarely bathed, but they made some really good art right?

-I took a eating disorder test, and it turns out I don’t have an eating disorder.

-On the Jung Typology Test, it informed me that I am an INTP, or Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Perceiving.  Some other people that share this type, well look at this, none other than Albert Einstein himself. Oh great, and Rick Moranis. We’ll call that a wash.

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