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Sweet and Sour Turkey Balls

WAAAAAAAAAAAAZZZZAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! How is everyone today? Hungry I hope. In an effort to keep The Blog phresh, and that is with a PH, caused it’s balanced mutha****a, we’re gonna go Martha Stewart all over your face with another edition of what I like to call “Cooking With Sean-Ow That’s Hot!”

All ingredients purchased at Aldi of course, so this entire meal costs like a buck fiddy per serving. As always, I don’t use measurements, so all quantifications are at the cooker’s discretion. Here’s what is happening:

-Get yourself a healthy amount of turkey meatballs. Put previously mentioned meatballs into a refridgeratable sealable container.

-Chop up some cloves of garlic. Also put these in the container.

-Dice up a gaggle of onions and add to the mix.

-I got these things that look like little oranges. Are those called clementines? Anyways, squeeze the juice out of some of those into the pot. And if you are feeling particularly saucy, maybe even toss the juiced pulp remains in.

-Slice up some tomatoes and jalapenos and spread across the amalgamation in a jovial manner.

-What you are going to want to do now is sprinkle some ginger and red pepper on the infusion in a rather arrogant fashion.

-Finally, add a hearty oozing of sweet and sour sauce.

-As of this writing, the concoction has been marinating in the fridge since 11pm last night, but please believe that once I get home it will be simmered over low heat for about an hour.

Today’s Blong comes courtesy of GangStarr, as a tribute to Guru, who passed away today.

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