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The YCL Marketing Plan

I realized I haven’t really posted anything about school in a while, so I figured I would let everyone in on my final project for marketing. For the next five weeks we are working on a marketing campaign for a company, band, restaurant, etc. One of the main things I have taken from this class is that having a good story sells. That’s why white people from the suburbs think Eminem is so cool. He used to live in the “ghetto.” Now he is basically insulting his fans by putting out pure trash and calling it music. Anyways, last night my gray blob came up with this back story for YCL. Some of it is true, some of it isn’t.

YoungCleanLegit (YCL) was born to a pair of southern Minnesota lovebirds back in the hairspray flavored 80’s. He grew up with a fierce aversion to physical labor, while passing the time in an old maple tree reading Calvin and Hobbes books. Without cable and video games, he was forced to use his brain to occupy the listless hours.  Well, some calamitous events occured and YCL found himself in his 20’s, living in a urine soaked cardboard box under a bridge, with nothing but rat steaks and pigeon eggs for sustenance. After making sweet, sweet blues music by banging on an empty beer case and playing an old kazoo that almost certainly infected him with angina pectoris, he decided to pull himself up by his boot straps and go out and get an education. He promptly looked down and realized that he did not own any footwear, and instead opted to yank himself up by the tapeworm that was peeking out of an open sore on the top of his foot. Rest assured, YCL is now disease free (he is Young, Clean, and Legit after all) and producing a William S. Burroughs influenced album entitled Nude Supper with the world’s first mute rapper, The Sound of Silence.  So gather round, and experience this atrocious bundle of wacked out sonic adventure.

Today’s Blong comes from Herb Alpert. Without this song, there would be no “Hypnotize” by Notorious B.I.G. Fast forward to the 3:10 mark. But also listen to the whole song because it is awesome.

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