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More Cogitations

Conversation that I had yesterday:

Monday, May 16th, 11:46AM. Green Room Cafe.

I am standing by a table eating one of the free doughnuts that have been set out.

Random guy: Good doughnuts, huh?

Me: Yeah they’re alright.

Guy: I really wish I could thank the person that brought them in.

Me: Me too I guess.

Guy: It was me.

Me: Hmm?

Guy: It was me. I brought the doughnuts.

Me: Oh, thanks.

Guy: Your welcome.

Then I got the hell out of there.

A few weeks ago, I’m sitting alone in the computer lab. Somebody walks in, and sits right next to me. “That’s odd,” I lamented to myself, “there are 20 other computers he could have sat at.” A minute later, another member of humanity walks in, and sits right next to me, on the other side. Now I know I smell really good and constantly tell awesome jokes, but sitting in between two scruffy, bedraggled, heavily breathing sweat-basted blimps, I freak out a little. Can’t people just leave me alone? Can’t I just live my life? So then I had to get the hell out of there.

The word of the day is tipple, but I actually beat them to the punch and used it last Friday. Splendid.

That’s enough of that for me. Here’s a good Blong. It’s kind of bluegrass-y. Then again maybe it isn’t bluegrass. Maybe it’s folk. But anyways, it’s Minnesota’s own Trampled by Turtles!


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