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Target Field, Yet Again

Short one today. I’ll be back with Friday fun facts tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 26, 5:03pm.

-I have to leave class to move the car from the parking lot. (see yesterday’s post) I am cruising at a casual pace to a parking lot far, far away from Target Field. I notice a man in a Twins jersey crossing the street some distance in front of me. As I approach, he actually slows down in order to get in my way. He proceeds to give me a prolonged stink-eye as I pass, signaling his importance. These people walk among us.

-I arrive at a parking lot that I believed to be outside the Sphere of Influence of Target Field, only to happen upon a  Mauer-jersey wearing two-some fiendishly floundering over each other’s bathing suit areas. So naturally I parked right next to them just to see what would happen. I proceeded to stay in the car and write in my notebook for a while. Did this stop them? Of course not.  The DNR should now be informed that the lands within at least a one mile radius of the new stadium have become a veritable spawning ground for these cute little critters.  If this season proves to be as fruitful as the early happenings suggest, I can’t even begin to imagine the pain ahead as we will all have to deal with not only regular fans, but bloated, angry preggos fighting for position to be the first to give birth at Target Field. Serenity now!

Here’s a Blong (Blog Song) from Kanye West. It’s kind of catchy I guess, but listen to the words. Is he trying to make us feel sorry for him because he has multiple homes, sports cars, and only flies first class?

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