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Dirty, Filthy, Raunchy Josephs

Aloha. Why is he saying goodbye at the beginning of the Blog? Oh, the innocence. Aloha can mean both “hello” and “goodbye!” Anyways, how’s it going? Oh me? I’m just fine. I’m more worried about you though. Worried because, in fact, you probably haven’t tried the latest recipe. They’re more than sloppy, and classier than your average Joe.  The YCL Personal Kitchen has been on a hot streak that some would call influential, others inconsequential. In other words, for my Spanish-speaking compatriots, Lé Blogié es la en el fuego, sacrebleu! Enough beating around the bush, let’s talk ingredients. As always, I don’t measure stuff.

-Chicken – take note that chicken is not beef.

-Barbeque sauce, tomato sauce, mustard, ginger, hot sauce, sweet and sour sauce

-Chopped up onion and tomato

Put the chicken in a pot. Go ahead, don’t be shy. Just plop it in there. You by now may be wondering why the chicken is plopping into the pot. I cheaped out and used the slimy canned bird. But yeah, just get it in there. Now, the barbeque and hot sauce are the flagship condiments being used here, so put in more of them than any of the other stuff mentioned. The onion and tomato should be in there too. Kind of get that bubbling, then go ahead and add in a little of the mustard, ginger, sweet and sour sauce, and tomato sauce. Let that go for a while, until the onions have softened. Much similar to an untimely erection, an overly stiff onion is a faux pas that not only ruins parties, but reputations as well.

Anyways, when that’s all cooked up, put it on some bread or something and then eat it.

Well here’s a really fun Blong. The Knife – Heartbeats. It’s got a bit of that 80’s Cyndi Lauper feel to it. Leave it to the Swedish.

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