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Wet’n’Wild Wednesday

Oh, hello, thanks for stopping by. Could you hold on for a moment? (Indistinct rustling noises, muffled cursing.) Sorry for the delay. I was trying to find my phone. Oh, there it is. Alright, Hambone, kick it! The sound of my friend Hambone beatboxing.—-> Bum-ba-da-da, bum-ba, bum-ba-da-da, bum-ba. Me.—–>Alright, since it’s Wednesday, we’re going to do some profilin’ and freestylin'(!) Come get a taste.

Sean, Sean
All night long
Up until dawn
Pass out on your lawn
And, uh, what else rhymes with that?
Uh, use his brawn
to abuse a fawn
Infused with, ah crap, filet mignon?

Wiki-wika-what? Boom-pow, how do you like me now. Watch out Ice Cube! That, my friends, is how you rap. Ok, now that we have that out of the way, we can talk about more pressing issues.  Ah crap, yawn rhymes, why didn’t I think of that earlier? Drawn, dangit, there’s another one I missed.  Spawn, could have used that. Shawn. Is it in bad taste to rhyme “Sean” with “Shawn?” I mean, technically they’re two different words. Yongbyon, that’s in North Korea. Alright, this just destroyed my entire train of thought. I’ll be back tomorrow. Or Friday.

Blong (Blog Song) time. The Budos Band.  This is probably the coolest song you will hear today.

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