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I Don’t Know What I Just Ate, But Boy Was it Good!

Ahhhh, the delicious taste of food. I just ate some, and boy was it good! What a refreshing affair. But what the heck was it?! I just took a big scoop out of the ol’ crockpot, shoveled it down my quivering gullet, and let my taste buds do the rest. Was it chili? Could have been, I think I tasted some beanie, tomato-y flavor in there. But wait a second, was that a hint of peanut butter? No way, that’s impossible! Why would beans and peanut butter be mixed together in the same pot of crock? I could have sworn there was a smack of chicken flavor fused into the mix. Or maybe the proteins from the peanut butter and the texture of the beans merged to create the illusion of chicken? Can that happen? And I’m not even sure if peanut butter was in there in the first place, so who knows? Wait, the impending aftertaste is now descending upon me. Give me a moment to analyze. (())()()()()()()()()()()()((((())))))(())(())(()))))((()))())((())(()())——->Ok. Hmm, that’s strange. Was that a tomato? Am I tasting grape jelly right now? What is happening? Garlic and yellow mustard now seem to be presenting themselves. And that, what was that? That was for sure an onion. Wait, no it wasn’t. Did I at some point put onions in there? Oh yeah, I did. That was definitely an onion. This sure is getting weird! The last time something like this happened, I passed out, woke up, forgot who I was for three hours, and then everything tasted like almonds for the next two weeks. Well, in any event, this sure is good!

So, what exactly was it that I just ate?! Stay tuned, for tomorrow, a new recipe will be unveiled, a Blog topic that has been ignored for far too long.

Here’s the Blong (Blog Song). A rather obscure cut, but good nonetheless. Haruomi Hosono, with “Chow Chow Dog.”

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