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“Word of the Day” Top Ten

Moving right along with the year-end Top Ten Eruption, here are my Top Ten favorite Dictionary.com Word of the Day entries.

10. Defenestrate \dee-FEN-uh-strayt\, transitive verb – To throw out of a window.

9. Interlard \in-tuhr-LARD\, transitive verb – To insert between; to mix or mingle; especially, to introduce something foreign or irrelevant into; as, “to interlard a conversation with oaths or allusions.”

8. Sesquipedalianism \ses-kwi-PEED-l-iz-uhm\, adjective – 1) Given to using long words. 2) (Of a word) containing many syllables.

7. Festoon \fe-STOON\, verb – 1) To adorn with hanging chains or strands of any material. 2) Dentistry. To reproduce natural gum patterns around the teeth or a denture.

6. Busticate \BUHS-ti-keyt\, verb – To break into pieces.

5. Cheechako \chee-CHAH-koh\, noun – A tenderfoot; greenhorn; newcomer.

4. Spatchcock \SPACH-kok\, verb – To insert or interpolate, esp. in a forced or incongruous manner.                          noun:
A fowl that has been dressed and split open for grilling.
To prepare and roast (a fowl) in this manner.

3. Absquatulate \ab-skwoch-uh-leyt\, verb – To flee; abscond.

2. Incunabulum \in-kyoo-NAB-yuh-luhm\, noun – 1) The earliest stages or first traces of anything. 2) Extant copies of books produced in the earliest stages (before 1501) of printing from movable type.

1. Fletcherize \FLECH-uh-rahyz\, verb – To chew (food) slowly and thoroughly.

Blong. Broken Social Scene – Forced to Love.

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