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The Simple Pleasures

January 18, 2011 1 comment

 As we all know, people love the simple pleasures in life. I will now talk about one of these pleasures that any man, woman, or child can relate to.

I love waking up to a sunny, breezy morning. As I step out of bed, I peel the sweat-soaked shirt off my back and step outside to face the gusty breath of the great outdoors. With my skin exposed, I let Mother Nature run her wispy fingers through the ropy strands of my luxurious back hair. Ah yes, dig in, Madre Natura. Don’t leave a single bewhiskered inch of my backside unattended. As the wind clears the perspiration from a deep sleep away, I begin to feel the heavy, saturated mass of hair grow alive and vibrant with the airy kiss of a new morning. As each fiber becomes untethered from the sweaty prison it was trapped in the previous night, I can feel it lift and flutter about in its newfound freedom. After just a few minutes, there is a flocculent whirlwind from the small of my back to the top of my spine. Yes! Don’t let it stop! Many would say love is the greatest feeling that a human can experience, yet have they ever encountered an early morning zephyr running through the forest of their back? Methinks not. The delicate dance betwixt wind and hair; the gentle tug of each strand on the skin as the breeze coaxes it skyward; the ecstasy! Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go outside.

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