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Super Fantastic Avocados Make Egg And Cheese Good Waffles Honor My Family

Just for giggles, I decided to translate today’s headline into Japanese, then re-translate it back into English. What you see above is what came out. Riveting. Just riveting. Today we are going to do another recipe.

What you will need:

Avocado. Egg. Cheese. Waffle. User’s choice of vegetable and/or condiment.

How about this. Take those ingredients, and combine them however you want. They’re all headed to the same place no matter how you eat them. Cut them all up and toss them on a plate. Put them in a┬áblender.┬áSubstitute a kumquat for the avocado. Then stuff it into your word hole until there is nothing left because I don’t want you to waste any food. That’s it.

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