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Happy Birthday to This Blog

365 dilly-dallying days have dawned and dragged by since this Blog was born to a brisk brooding brumal season, alive, abundant and abounding with alliteration. What a long, strange trip it’s been man. I bet you thought I would have run out of material by now, didn’t you? Yet, I continue to cultivate content from the lugubrious life I live. In fact, here’s a funny story of something that happened just the other day. I was at the mall, and I found this pair of shoes that I really liked, and as an added bonus, they were 40% off the original price! I go over and get the salesman’s attention, and I says to the guy, I says, “Hey, can I try these on? I need a 10 1/2.” When he comes back from the stockroom, he’s all like “We only have those left in a 10 or an 11 1/2.” Then I said, “Oh, okay. Thanks,” and left.

Reality truly is stranger than fiction. I can’t even begin to fathom what sort of outlandish events will occur over the next year of this Blog’s life. Well, I’m gonna go get hammered. Happy birthday, Blog!

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