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Friday Fun Facts – Band Names

Haven’t done the weird band names segment in a while. I went to the A.V. Club’s “2010: The Year in Band Names” feature, picked the ones I liked, and then stole them. Go check out the whole list here. Let’s just cut right to the chase. As always, most of them contain some sort of crude language, so if you’re offended by that, lighten up, they’re just words. I didn’t make them up, so it’s not my fault.

– Sh*t Fight     – V.A.G. (for Very Angry Girls)      – Scary Areolas       – Stegosaurus Flex

-Sorry I Stabbed Your Daughter     – Kill You In The Face       – LudaChrist

-Diet Cokeheads         – Drug Honkey        – The Vomit Arsonist      – We Aren’t Very Good

– Caw!Caw!       – And I Was Like, What?       – Man/Ass      – Hogz in Dandyland

– The League of Extraordinary Gz         – My Sweet Patootie      – Smell My Pillow

– Bird Ate My Donut       -Babies With Rabies         -Fetus Heist       -Wrath of the Girth

– Righteous Brisket          – Dangermuffin         – Smelly F*cking Milkpants     -Meatbikini

– Diarrhea Planet        – Syphilis Sauna         – The Electric Assholes

Yeah, that’s it. Now go on, get outta here.

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