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Random Thoughts – Odds and Ends

…why would you ever buy a fancy car….you can’t see yourself driving it…tell your friends to buy fancy cars, it will save you money and there will be fancy cars for you to look at when you’re on the road….

…i’m trying to become more flexible by watching stretching programs for old people on public access….all that has happened so far is my body makes weird popping noises…and i still can’t touch my toes….

…i know a guy who once went to alaska just for the halibut…

…i have no clue what is happening in egypt and wisconsin right now…

…last week a guy asked me how i could survive by eating so little….i had just finished a pound of chili and a baggie of chips and 32oz. of gatorade….he was cooking a family size bag of fried chicken to go with his box of zebra cakes and two liter bottle of mountain dew…

…a few weeks back i was giving a janitor a ride from target to the bus stop…he informed me halfway through the ride that he just got out of prison…he assured me he wasn’t a mean person, he was quote “just selling drugs and sh*t”….i’m not sure what the “sh*t” part of that statement meant…..

….a few weeks before that a woman walking in front of me to go into the library was asking someone on her cell phone how the library worked and how she would know what book to get, how much she would have to pay and then where to pay it….she was at least 40…she walked right by the library entrance and went into the wrong building….

….these people walk among us…

…i went to sleep with a notebook open to a blank page next to my bed…when i awoke the next day i had at some point written “**RECIPE** two burgers with mashed potatoes and gravy in between” on the page….i’m going to give it a try….

that’s all i’ve got

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