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I Totally Burn Middle Management

During a recent shift at the disgusting puppet show that I call a job, the middle manager’s glossy new belt became the topic of discussion. Call it bedazzled, call it fabulous, call it a fashion disaster, call it whatever you want to; I called it an opportunity to berate a coworker. The conversation unfolded a little like this:

Guy I work with: “Oooo look at Sharon’s shiny new belt!”

Middle Manager: “Hey, this belt only cost seven dollars!”

Me: “I’m sure it did….. In 1976!!!!

BURNED!!!! This comment was obviously met with acclaim from onlookers. That’s it for today. A large chunk of Shlogust lies ahead.

Blong. This is like from the ’80’s or something. Camper Van Beethoven – One of These Days. Nice little laid back summer tune.

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