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Search Engine Optimization

The folks at WordPress are kind enough to have a feature for us bloggers that shows where traffic to our blogs is coming from. I recently flipped through the section that tells you what terms people are typing in that bring your web log up in search engine results. Here are the highlights, word for word:

“Hair back”

“Back hair”

“Freedom in my pants”

“Cat, foods, and fetum”

“Fun facts on the rectum”

“165,000 eggs in a lifetime?”

“Rue McClanahan and Bob Hawke”

“Animal predictions about super bowl”

“Who do i email to change the weather”

“i threw up alot?”

“How to fake your hamsters death”

“Caw cat minneapolis”

“beans and weens”

“bovinial leslie”

“The vomit arsonist”



“Bird ate my donut”

“Is deriving pleasure from peeing your pants wrong”

“Sean Hunter in steamy dumps”

“How to start wearing skinny jeans”

There you have it. A lot of these people probably ended up pretty disappointed. For example, we’ve never even done a “Fun facts on the rectum” segment, so I don’t even know why this blog comes up in searches for that topic. But hey, I’ll take whatever I can get, even if it is some perv wondering if it’s okay to be turned on by peeing in his pants.

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