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Breakfast Burrito

I just had a breakfast burrito for dinner, but I am nocturnal so it was actually at the time when most people would be eating breakfast. So is it the ingredients that make it a breakfast burrito or the time of day when you eat it? Because if I ate a regular burrito right when I wake up, does it become a breakfast burrito or am I just eating a regular burrito for breakfast? If I’m not mistaken, the presence of eggs is what constitutes a breakfast burrito, so I guess the one I just ate technically was a breakfast burrito, but it sure didn’t feel like breakfast to me. I’m going to call it – whatever you eat after your longest period of sleep in a day is breakfast. Ingredients have no say. If you eat a giant steak when you wake up, that’s breakfast, and if you have a bowl of cereal a few hours before you go to bed, that’s dinner. The name of the meal is relative to the timeline of your day; the name of whatever it is you are eating does not matter.

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