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I Have a New Name Now

If you haven’t noticed the little title bar up there, this is now the Blog of Cliff Kennelly. Why? My true identity must be protected at all costs. And it’s kind of neat to have a pen name. And I can say whatever I want and not get in any kind of trouble. How did I land on this alias? Well I live on a road called Cliff, and there is this other road called Kennelly that intersects it. It’s not that difficult people. And I just noticed that I now share initials with Clark Kent, a favorite person from my childhood. And also Calvin Klein. Not a favorite person, but I’ve heard he’s doing innovative things in the olfactory world. Everyone’s got their thing that they’re into. And after a short Google search, it looks like there actually is a real guy named Cliff Kennelly. But hey Cliff, I think there’s room on this big blue marble for the both of us.

That’s it. Go to bed.

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