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I Live In A Very Hot-Blooded Community

During a cold snap a few weeks back, the management of the apartment community I live in sent a memo to everyone, explaining that we all needed to have our heat turned on, to prevent pipes from freezing. The memo also noted that upon entering several of the apartments that had burst pipes, maintenance workers noticed that the heat was turned off and the windows were open. That happened in more than one apartment, in below zero weather.

Tomorrow’s projected high is around -15, so naturally management felt the need to send out another memo reminding us all to have our heat turned on. I generally keep it cranked anywhere from the low to mid-70s.

So my question is, who are the people that turn off their heat, still find it too hot, and are only cool enough when they open their windows to let in arctic air?

A bunch of hot-blooded badasses, is my answer.

And I thought I was being tough when I let it get down to 67 in here.

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