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The Domestic Free Money Fund Dips, International Increases

As of the last Domestic Free Money Fund report, the total was at 66 cents. A withdrawal had to be made for personal reasons, and the balance now sits at 57 cents.

In International Fund news, the Mexican account is holding steady at one peso.

However, Danish influence has reached the International Fund. An odd coin was found a few weeks ago, and has been added into the International mix. The Danish account now sits at 25 Øre.

The Free Money Fund Goes International

Today I found what I believe is a peso coin. It reads “Estados Unidos Mexicanos,” then it has a picture of a bird eating a snake on it. So the newly created Free Money International Fund now has a balance of one peso.

The Free Money Fund Shoots Up Over 1000%

As of the last update, the Free Money Fund was at five cents. Since then, I found five more pennies here and there, nothing really worth reporting. Today, though, good fortune smiled upon me my friends. First, a nickel was found. Minutes later, a quarter. Then another quarter, and then the day was rounded off with a penny. Had I found a dime I would have hit for the cycle. That’s 56 cents, just today. Add that in with the five unreported pennies, and I am up to 66 cents. That’s an increase of 1320%.

Free Money Fund – Gains Made, And Lost

I picked up another penny on the ground, but lost it somewhere between where I found it and getting home. Looks like someone else’s Free Money Fund has been bolstered due to my carelessness. That leaves me with five cents in the jar.

Free Money Fund Briefer

Time is of the essence and I gotta get out of here quick, so here’s a Free Money Fund update. Found a penny earlier in the week, so the jar now has five cents in it.

The Free Money Fund Update

Great news everyone. The balance of the Free Money Fund literally doubled last Tuesday, when I found a pair of pennies on the ground at work.

Total in the jar = four cents, American.

The Free Money Fund

I always pick up money when I see it on the ground. Some of my richer friends used to throw their spare change on the floor so they could mock me and my other poor friend as we scrambled to pick it up. I have no shame. On October 5, I started a jar for what I like to call this “Free Money,” just to see how much I actually accumulate. As of right now, the total is two cents, American. More updates will be made as more Free Money rolls in.

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