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Kim Jong-il Dead

I heard all this on the radio this morning. Most of this is coming from official North Korean literature:

-The first time Kim Jong-il ever played golf, he shot 38 under par, including 11 holes-in-one. Only his body guards witnessed the round.

-When he was born, winter immediately turned to spring, and rainbows appeared.

-He didn’t defecate.

-His suits became a global fashion craze.

-He was once prescribed painkillers, and, fearing addiction, made all of his closest associates take them as well. That way he wouldn’t be the only addict.

-His mood influenced the weather.

-He was the world’s biggest Hennessey customer.

Fartin’ Around On 11/11/11

Did anyone else notice that today’s date is all ones? Weird. Anyways, it’s also Veteran’s Day. One of my favorite veterans, Kurt Vonnegut, was also born on this day in 1922 (RIP). He gave us this quote in Timequake, which just may be my favorite of all time:

“We are here on Earth to fart around. Don’t let anybody tell you any different!”


Just a Lazy Blogtoberfest Sunday

One of my favorite television moments:

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

Never owned an iPod, iPad, iMac, iPhone, or i-anything, but two of the best games I’ve ever played – Oregon Trail and Number Munchers – were on the old black and green screen Apple computers. Thanks for making that possible, Steve.

R.I.P. Leslie Nielsen

Leslie Nielsen passed away yesterday….here is a tribute to his work.

Some of the videos have overlapping material… but it doesn’t hurt to see it more than once.

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