Dirty Hippie Desert

Your rickshaw rider drops you out at the Dirty Hippie Desert, a desolate wasteland outside the sprawling metropolis of Potato Town. This is where the outcasts come to play their bongos and contribute absolutely nothing to society. You see a smoldering fire a little ways away, where a group of the smelly flower children from Potato Town are congregated. Would the hot, adulterous wife stoop to this level?

Yeah, she would. It’s free love, baby.

As you approach, you see that they’re chanting some song that’s probably about the establishment or something. You realize that you’re not going to get anything out of these moldy delinquents. As you turn to go, you realize that you haven’t made much headway, and wonder if maybe you should ask them some questions, even though it probably won’t help much.

Do you:

Go back to town and regroup at Slappy’s Diner.

Talk to the hippie people around the fire.

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