Drinkin’ And Thinkin’

After your little outburst, The Moustache keeps his distance, only periodically returning to fill your drink. You become embroiled in conversation with a local soak who has sidled up next to you.

You know, there will be an attempt on Bieber’s life tonight at the Potato Jamboree,” he offers, through the haze of smoke and shame that is omnipresent in the bar. Egads! Potato Town’s biggest celebration, the Potato Jamboree, is tonight! Justin Bieber is performing! How could you have forgotten? Who is this guy, and how does he know that someone is plotting to assassinate Justin Bieber? My guess would be that I inserted him into the story to keep the plot moving.

“Who told you that?” you inquire.

“Your mom,” he replies.

“She does love to gossip. I better get down there and check it out.”

Do you:

Head directly to the Potato Jamboree.

Swing by your apartment, and pick up your Bieber Fever T-shirt, in hopes of maybe getting it signed.

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