Groovy Tuesday’s

The rickshaw ride was pretty fun. You arrive at the establishment known as Groovy Tuesday’s. Family atmosphere, affordable prices. Doesn’t seem like the hot, adulterous wife’s scene. You head over to the bar area, where you see a familiar face. It’s Groovy Dewey. Well his name is actually just Dewey, but the owners of this uptight corporate feeding trough insist that everyone who works there is “Groovy.”

“How goes it, Dewey?”

“Groovy.” he says.

“Wow, you really suck now that you work here. Anyhoo, I’m here in regards to the hot, adulterous wife. Could my little buddy here possibly persuade you to divulge any info on her whereabouts?”

You slip him a $200 bill. Dewey, never one to turn down the lure of lucre, takes it.

“Check out the back room. No bouncer there right now. They’re still hosing down the walls after last night, but it should be alright by now.”

“There’s a back room?”

“Yeah, it’s where The owners party with their mistresses after hours. Very exclusive.”

“Thank you Dewey. Hit me up when you’re off work. We’ll chillax.”

“Will do, Figgypudding.”

You head to the back, and there it is – a door marked “Back Room.” You’ve never noticed that before. You pop in, and sure enough, the whole thing is getting a good hosing by the cleaning crew. It looks like they’re pretty busy. Do you:

Kill some time in the kitchen, have a snack, and wait for the Back Room to get cleaned up.

Go in anyways.

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