Haberdashery on 5th

Your rickshaw dumps you in front of the haberdashery. “Haberdashery on 5th” reads the sign above the door.

“Nobody strained anything coming up with that one,” you think.

You stroll in, looking for Larry. There are many fine cloths and pelts laying around, waiting to be crafted into a variety of garments.

No one really seems to be there. You poke around, and see that the door to Swineshoggington’s office is cracked open. You go in, and there he is. Piggish, boarish, swine-ish – he lives up to his name. You are very popular in Potato Town, but you have never come across this colorful character before. He appears to be munching on a bowl of some type of swill. The scent of mud and rotten ham abound.

“Hi, my name is Sir Figgypudding. I’ve heard you have connections to the hot, adulterous wife.”

(Snorting) “Why yes, we have consorted at times. If you’ll excuse me, I am feeding at the moment.”

You wait, checking your fingernails, and whistling a little, while he sucks down the rest of his swill.

Larry: “Annnnnnd done. Now, what would you like to know?”

“When was the last time you saw her?”

“I fitted her for a dress that she was planning to wear to some opulent soiree this week. Then we slept together. It was magnificent. I believe that was three days ago.”

“Have you seen her since?”

(More snorting) “No, not really, she got what she wanted and skipped out. I was going to teach her all about the intricacies of dyes and threading techniques, but she seemed to have other things on her mind.”

“Huh, I wonder what she could have had going on that was more interesting than that?” you say. With extreme sarcasm, I might add.

You continue – “Do you happen to know where this soiree was going down?”

Larry: “I believe she mentioned something about Groovy Tuesday’s.”

You: “You mean the popular family bar and grill that is very comparable to Ruby Tuesday’s?”

Larry: “Yes. The same. You’re welcome to hang around here if you want. I’ve been wanting to give my dye and threading lecture for some time now, but no one seems to want to listen.”

The fact that a soiree would be held at Groovy Tuesday’s is very out of the ordinary. So we come to yet another crossroads. Do you:

Head over to Groovy Tuesday’s.

Stay here and get the boring lecture, seeing if Larry left out any other details.

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