Time is of the essence. You gotta get this dude’s organs out while they are still fresh. You begin to cut into his flesh, and, as you get in there, you see that he’s some sort of humanoid-nanobot, and actually doesn’t have any vital organs that could be of use to you. “But wait, I stabbed him in the brain,” you’re probably thinking to yourself. Well, that is a common misconception – humanoid-nanobots do in fact have circuitry that resembles the human brain. But really, it was just a thing I did to keep the story moving. So anyways, because he was a nanobot, you’re off the hook for murder, so that’s good. But now, there’s a bunch of dead people outside from the explosion, and you are no closer to finding the whereabouts of the hot, adulterous wife. This sounds like we’re coming to another crossroads. Do you:

Head over to Slappy’s Diner to mull things over.

Mess around with the nanobot to see if there’s any cool stuff inside him.

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