Mr. Giggles’ Comedy Shop

 The rickshaw ride was surprisingly uneventful for a man/woman of your lofty social presence. Should that make you suspicious? Only you can answer that, because you have super special secret agent training. After all, the driver did look at you kind of weird. Or was that his lazy eye? As you will soon find out, nothing is ever as it seems here in Potato Town. Or is it?

You walk into Mr. Giggles’ Comedy Shop. Upon entering, you are immediately confronted by two waxed-up douche-baggy looking bouncers – you know, the body spray, tight shirts, rock hard hair, that whole deal. You reach into your pocket, and toss a few of the protein bars to the floor. They immediately make a mad scramble for them. With them occupied, you head to the bar. For a heady case like this, you order a white wine spritzer to take the edge off. The bartender, who is known as The Moustache, which is weird because he doesn’t have a moustache, seems like a friendly guy. Do you:

Ask to question him in the back room over a friendly game of pool.

Give him the “tough guy” rigamarole.

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