Mr. Pickle’s Meat Shop

You walk up to the counter in Mr. Pickle’s Meat Shop, and try a sample of the jerky while you wait for someone to appear.

You: “Gah, this jerky tastes like a dried-out pickle that some homeless guy was sucking on.”

Mr. Pickle emerges from the back room. “Figgypudding, how pleasant. What can I get for you? Pickled steak? Pickle-chops? Pickled hamburger?”

You: “That won’t be necessary. I just want to know if the hot, adulterous wife has been through here.”

Mr. Pickle: “Hmmm, not that I recall. Business hasn’t been so good lately.”

You (under your breath): “I wonder why.”

Mr. Pickle: “What was that?”

You: “Nothing. Well thank you anyways. Guess I’ll try someplace else.”

You plot your next move.

Do you:

Try out Mr. Meat’s Pickle Shop.

Go to your office to see if anything has happened there.

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