You start poking around inside the nanobot, and to be quite honest, it’s pretty cool. There’s wires and computer chips and stuff, and maybe you could tape them to your G.I. Joe’s to make them look cooler. Deep within the loins of the nanobot, you find a small flash drive, and insert it into your laptop. A recorded message comes up-

(Nanobot): “If you are watching this, that means that I have been dismantled. Due to the fact that the person who created me was a giant nerd, he programmed this chip to detonate when loaded onto any operating system other than its native nanobot.” Your computer goes through a quick countdown, and blows up in yo’ face. You try to jump out of the way, but the nerd made sure the the explosion would decimate anything within a 30 foot radius. You are dead.

Start all over, like you maybe should in real life.

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