Prominent Bouffants

You arrive at the meeting of the Prominent Bouffants, or PB’s, a group of formerly hot old ladies who gather to gossip about the society and happenings of Potato Town. They’re kind of like the Red Hat Society, only they drink a lot. You’d think they have something you can use to solve this case. The one who appears to be their leader approaches you, drunk, and with a twinkle in her eye.

Leader: “Figgypudding, we weren’t expecting you.”

You: “Yeah, I’m looking for the hot, adulterous wife. Can you help?”

Some disgusting old-woman-on-young-man flirting happens, and after spurning her advances, you manage to get some info out of her: all the PB’s seem to recall her being here at some point, but the residue of cheap cocktails has stained their memories.

Leader: “Maybe she went to Slappy’s Diner.”

You: “I just came from there, you soak. Try again.”

Leader: “I see, well why don’t you try Mr. Pickle’s Meat Shop, down on Beet Street. I hear he knows a little something about her.”

As it happens, Mr. Pickle is your business-neighbor. He runs a really crappy meat shop..

Leader: I have also heard that she has been seen running around over at Mr. Meat’s Pickle Shop as well.”

As it also happens, Mr. Meat is your other business-neighbor, and he runs a pickle-shop, on the opposite side of your office from Mr. Pickle’s Meat Shop. They’re both really bad at what they do. Maybe they should switch occupations. Anyways, you can either:

Go to Mr. Pickle’s Meat Shop.

Go to Mr. Meat’s Pickle Shop.

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