Swimmin’ With The Fishes

 You head to the back room, only to find that the corridor to the “back room” leads to the alley. The alley just so happens to contain one of Mr. Giggles’ goons, who just so happens to beat you to death with a lead pipe. He then ties a concrete block around your ankle, tosses you in the trunk of his car, drives over to Potato Town River, and drops your flaccid, lifeless body into the murky waters.

“But why did it happen this way?” you are probably asking yourself. Well, as it turns out, while you were sweet-talking The Moustache into playing pool with you, he recognized you as the choke artist who blew Potato Town’s chances at the championship of whatever sport it is you play back in ’04. Having bet many, many dollars on that game, and then losing them due to your failures, The Moustache became angry and decided to have you killed. Sorry.

Start over.

Go to a website featuring pictures of cute kittens.

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