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Half Brothers

Quite a generous gift was plopped down on the YCL Entertainment Desk today. As I was settling in this morning to get my Photoshop on, Chambs dropped a copy of a movie script that someone had left in the Business Lab in front of me.  It had been printed from this website .

There are 5 complete scripts on this website, all written by the same prolific man. The first one I read is called “Half Brothers”. I will attempt to break down the plot here:

-The story revolves around 4 men:

       -Juan, a chef of Hispanic descent, with a passion for the game of golf.

        -Hwan, an Asian American clothing designer, who also happens to enjoy golf.

       -Johnny, the African American owner of a plumbing supply store. He likes to play golf.

        -Jon, a white college professor. Can you guess what his favorite sport is?

Meanwhile, an old man of mixed race named John Wertz struggles for his life in a hospital bed. He flatlines, and it is revealed that he has no next of kin. Or does he? The plot thickens as we follow Juan, Hwan, Johnny, and Jon as they are mysteriously summoned to a beach resort to claim their inheritance from a father they didn’t know existed. Through a series of wacky mishaps, they all have awkward run-ins with each other on their way to the resort, not realizing the common thread that will soon change the very nature of their existence.

Due to the longevity of the script, I had to skim through parts of it, but there were some pretty good highlights.

-A racially charged bar fight, with “The Boys Are Back in Town” by Thin Lizzy playing in the background.

-The lawyer Craig (they must have run out of different versions of John) cheats on his 20 pound overweight love interest with an athletic up and coming law school student. Typical American vanity.

-The half brothers are brought together by 7 montages (from my count, I could have missed a few) of them bonding over arts and crafts, sports, and drinking. Who would have thought that 4 people that hated each other so much at first could become so close?

-The author tries to trick us by having a DNA test come back negative, confirming that these 4 men are not half brothers. An admirable move by the script writer, yet there is one inherent flaw in this tactic. THE TITLE OF THE MOVIE IS HALF BROTHERS.

-It is cleared up when a second test is done. All doubt is removed when Craig confirms “We had the most comprehensive tests in the world done. You men share a father.” The four half brothers proceed to cry and play golf, as the screen fades to black.


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