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Thursday, or Thuresday, also Thunor’s Day

Late Night Blogging.

How about that Bieber Fever, huh? Man, we can all see where this is going, right? Within five years, I envision an illegitimate child,  awkward sex tape, a meaty alcohol/cocaine problem(possibly even some mild elephant tranquilizers?!), and maybe even a dash of maniacal scientologist preaching.  But once his testicles do in fact drop into their final resting place in his scrotum, Bieber Fever has the potential to actually become a legitimate clinical epidemic– Rashes, burning sensations, mysterious growths, bold epiduralogical protuberances, you name it, Bieber Fever will spread within the community.  Oh sure, he can sing songs that other people have written for now, but once the calamity of puberty hits him, Hollywood is sure to drop him like a bag of Oprah-after-Thanksgiving-excrement. SPLAT! <imagine the effluvium of that gently settling into its surroundings, it would cause general havoc>

Sorry, this was never intended to be a popular culture Blog. I was just saying stuff up there. Anyways, it’s been a pretty flacid week here around YCL Headquarters.

<YCL BOOK CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!>

I bought two books today, at the Salvation Army. Now that’s where it’s at. That’s something to talk about I guess. “Introductory Lectures on Psycho-Analysis” –Sigmund Freud, and “Modern Classics of Science Fiction,” –featuring none other than Theodore Sturgeon! No? One of Kurt Vonnegut’s idols? Kilgore Trout? C’mon man!

Anyways, here’s the Blong. It’s the Deftones, and quite possibly one of the greatest collaberations to take place in the history of music. It’s Passenger, featuring none other than Maynard, from Tool! (side note, it’s not an official video.)

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