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Friday Fun Facts

I think I’m sick or something, so I’m going to keep this short and stubby. I normally have a very resilient immune system. Whenever a potential intruder comes in, it’s all like “Nah-uh! No you di’int!” Then it snaps its fingers in a big “Z” pattern and tells that virus that it ain’t all that and a bag of potato chips.

Well, I spent no time looking for fun facts, and I just drank a delicious coffee/cough syrup cocktail, so I got nothing. I’m going to hunker down this weekend and finish reading more of those movie scripts, so that should be fun. Today’s post will be rather media intensive. This is a pretty funny video. Dramatic readings of a breakup letter. Typos and all.

And as I sit here in my syrup induced haze I found this song to be hypnotizing. Heard it on the Current last weekend. Phantogram “When I’m Small”.

And here is my associate Mr. Byrd’s take on the “Minnesota Sound”. From his EP “Jupiter”, coming out April 13. Lots of jazzy, sexy sounds that just may impregnate you if you aren’t careful. Also very hypnotizing.

I apologize for the brief post. I know everyone relies on this blog to bring a small amount of sunshine into their otherwise blackened souls, but don’t worry, I shall return Monday.

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