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Band Names Part Deux

Hola to everyone. You may or may not have noticed that I have begun to use foreign tongues in this post.This whole going nationwide thing got me thinking, “What if some German boy with a belly full of schnitzel comes across this thing, and doesn’t speak English?” I gotta be prepared for that, otherwise that kid is probably going to go back to some website about making sausage or something.  Diversity is key in the blogging business.

Well, enough of that. We’ll dive right into the meat and potatoes of this thing. More crazy band names today, and as usual, if you are offended by filthy language, avert your gaze. I pretty much stole all of these from the Onion, big whoop wanna fight about it?

I didn’t notice when I was writing these down, but it turned out pretty heavy on the back end of things.  These people never cease to amaze me:

-3 Piston Ass Hammer    -Fecalized Rectal Sperm Sewage     -Diarrhea Til You Die

-Crapulence      -Farticus      -Bonghit Billy and the Ass-Crack Tassles

-Super Sonic Butt Spray      -Nuclear Butt Zipper     -Fanny Slapper

Here’s a few that involve death in some way:

-Cemetery Rapist     -Post Mortem Bong Hit      -Fuck…I’m Dead     -Abracastabya

And at last, these are either really lame or really funny. Depending on who you are.

-Touched by a Janitor     -Harrison Ford Escort

-Flock of Steven Seagals (My personal favorite. Just imagine witnessing that in person.)

-Jerry Seinfeld’s Atrophied Sac    -Urethra Franklin     -Weird Al Qaeda

-One Whore’s Town     -Wicked Pussy From the Wild West    -Menstrual Tramps

-The Unnecessary Gunpoint Lecture

Yikes. Who are these people? Anyways, here’s a blong that doesn’t really have anything to do with today’s theme.  It’s Moby, with “Alice”. The rapper is Aynzli Jones. He’s British or something.

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