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China Mieville

I enjoy China Mieville. Here’s a brief summary of the books by him that I’ve read. Some of them are pretty long, so I’ve left out a few details.

King Rat – Guy finds out he’s half rat, starts eating garbage and hanging out in the sewers. And there’s also a murderer on the loose.

Perdido Street Station – A rogue scientist unwittingly releases a psychedelic winged terror on the metropolis of New Crobuzon.

The Scar – A woman, while fleeing New Crobuzon, is captured by pirates who inhabit a floating city made up of the boats they have seized.

Iron Council – Renegades roam the wilderness in a train by constantly taking apart the tracks behind the locomotive and rebuilding them in front.

The City & The City – A murder mystery that spans two cities in two countries. But the two cities and countries occupy the same geographical space. Whoa.

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