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My Thoughts Upon Reaching The Halfway Point Of The Hunger Games Trilogy

I’m halfway through Catching Fire, the second book of The Hunger Games trilogy by¬†Suzanne Collins. Here’s what I think.

–Ever since the first mention of the dad being “vaporized” in a mine explosion, I’ve been assuming he’s still alive. I learned from watching the wildly popular Nicolas Cage action film The Rock that if you want to people to think someone is dead but can’t provide a body, you say they were vaporized.

–He’s probably living in District 13. Or he really is dead.

–I’m not on Team Gale or Team Peeta. Quite frankly Katniss needs to stop stringing both of them along. She’s been confused about her feelings for both¬†guys so far, and has stated that she doesn’t want to have kids. So to solve that, she should just hook up with Madge, or Greasy Sae.

–I don’t see why Haymitch’s drinking is portrayed in such a bad light. If I survived the Hunger Games and didn’t have to work anymore, I’d drink every day too. He’s actually become something of a role model for me.

That’s it. I should know how all this plays out within the week.

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