The Back Room

Holding up a picture of the hot, adulterous wife, you announce, “Has anyone seen this woman?”

“I think I slept with her two nights ago,” says a voice from the dark corner.

“Who said that?” you say.


“That doesn’t help. Come out here where I can see you.”

A small, flummoxed-looking simpleton emerges from the shadows.

You: “Are you serious? You’re obviously lying. She would never canoodle with the likes of you.”

“Dammit. You’re right. But maybe I saw her leaving with someone. Someone you may know.”

In order to bypass the laborious negotiation process that you end up going through with the feeble-minded boob, we’ll just condense it down. According to his vague report, the hot, adulterous wife was taken to either:

A trailer park.

The Potato Town Dump, where she was more than likely lookin’ for a good time.

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