The Office

You return to your office, and find a note taped on your door. It reads:

Figgypudding, I must talk to you about our business. Meet me at Mr. Giggles’ Comedy Shop at 5pm. I love you.

-The Mysterious Millionaire.

Uh oh. He sounds mad. Up to this point, you basically have nothing to tell him. You’re no closer to finding his hot, adulterous wife than the moment when he walked into your office at the beginning of this story. Is he going to kill you? Does he want his money back? Does he have another assignment for you? Your first instinct is to skip town, and start anew somewhere else. You’ve had a good run here in Potato Town, and beginning a new life somewhere else doesn’t sound all that bad. But then again, think about it – finding a new job, apartment searching, and moving….moving quite possibly could kill you….maybe you should meet him, and possibly get killed. It would be better than having to pack up every single item in your place, moving it somewhere, and then having to unpack it all over again. Anyways, it’s your call. Do you:

Meet with M&M at Mr. Giggles’ Comedy Shop.

Pack up and move to the next town over, Carrotville.

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