The Rickshaw Ride

These rickshaw rides are getting pretty boring. To spice it up, you begin to throw stuff that you find in your ‘shaw at the “puller.” You know, cigarette butts, used condoms, that type of stuff. The butts just kind of bounce off him, some of the condoms stick to him for a little while, then slide off. It gets boring pretty quick. The “puller” seems to not like it, but you get the sense that he’s used to it. You give him a poor tip when you arrive at Potato River Beach. It is empty, save for one lonely soul huddled next to a garbage bonfire. How could it be so deserted, on such a perfect day? Then it hits you – today is the annual Potato Jamboree – the biggest celebration of the year in Potato Town. Do you:

Talk to the lone soul on the beach.

Forget him, and head to the jamboree.

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