To The Apartment

You take off from the Shop, and sprint to your apartment. You have to get that shirt. It’s your “conversation piece” to get to Bieber. Luckily, your apartment is on Main, (again, I’m not going to strain anything trying to think of cool names for streets) which is where the Potato Jamboree is going down. From your seventh-floor penthouse, you have a pretty good view of the entire festival. Just imagine, an entire Jamboree, dedicated to potatoes! Crazy. Anyways, you find your Bieber shirt, stained with tears, crumpled next to your pillow. As you reach for it, the very foundation of your building shakes. You fall to the ground, wondering what just happened. You get up, look out the window, and see nothing but fire all along Main. If you didn’t know any better, you would say that someone has ignited a Potato Bomb on the patrons of the Potato Jamboree! And you don’t know any better, because someone has! The entire festival, along with everyone in attendance, is now engulfed in flames. You realize that a Justin Bieber shirt has just saved your life.

Do you:

Turn off all the lights, pop in your limited edition Bieber album on vinyl, make a drink, and reflect on how you almost just died. Remember, a Bieber shirt just saved your life, so maybe his album will do the same. Or not. You’ll find out eventually.

Head down to the street to investigate what is going on.

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