Trailer Park

As we all know, trailer parks are the worst places on earth, so your rickshaw puller drops you off a few blocks from the entrance. As you approach, you hear some skittering going on in the shadows, but can’t quite make out what it is. You continue into the park, and are soon surrounded by a circle of ten-year-old trailer park gang members, each and every one of them clad in sleeveless flannel shirts. They all have beards, and obviously, mullets. Using some sort of mystical trailer park magic, they overpower you and run you over with their scooters until you die. And since it’s a trailer park, no one even notices a dead guy laying in the middle of the street, so your body stays there until it decomposes and the wind sweeps it away, off into the ether.

Start again and find out where it all went wrong.

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