You set out on foot to Mr. Giggles’ Comedy Shop. You are walking along at a pretty good clip, until you hit a dip in the sidewalk, and twist your ankle. You double over in pain, and as you do so, the concealed butter knife pokes up through your pants pocket and punctures one of your lungs. You probably weren’t expecting that, were you? Realizing that it actually is really painful to be stabbed with a butter knife, especially by yourself, you take a seat on the curb. It’s warm and sunny out, so you decide to rest on the sidewalk for a few minutes. Well, those minutes turn into forever because you have just died from a combination of blood loss and pneumothorax (collapsed lung). Within minutes, vagrants pick your pockets clean, and then the vultures come. Oh yeah, I didn’t mention, Potato Town has a lot of vultures. So they eat you. Game over.

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