You Have Triumphed

You walk into Mr. Giggles’ Comedy Shop, and what do you know – every one of your friends that wasn’t killed in the Potato Jamboree bombing are there for a surpise birthday party, just for you! As you chat with M&M, you find out that the whole case was fabricated just to keep you occupied while everyone got ready for the party.

“So you were behind the bombing?” you ask.

M&M: “But of course. Didn’t see that coming, did you?”

You: “Uh no, but didn’t a lot of people die?”

M&M: “Here, have a shot. Drinks are on me everyone! Drinks are on me!”

You: “YES! This is the best birthday party ever!”

M&M: “There is also a present out back for you, Figgypudding.”

You head out back, followed by your remaining friends, and there it is, the best gift you could have asked for – a time machine. Inside is some piratey-looking dude.

Pirate: “Figgypudding, your help is needed in the distant past. The origins of Potato Town depend on it.”

You: “I am NOT getting too old for this sh*t! Let’s go!”

And there you have it. You have won the story. No prizes will be awarded. The end.

P.S. – And did you notice how I left it open for a sequel right there at the end? So be on the lookout for that, if it ever happens.

The real end.

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