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Hey man. It’s been a little while since I conversated at ya, and for good reason. We here at the Shlog have been gearing up for what will be called “Shlogust,” which  is obviously a combination of “August” and “Shlog.” The authors of this fine institution will be attempting to provide you with a Shlog-a-day during the 31 days of Shlogust. Or at least every other day. Hopefully at least a few posts a week. Two per week at the absolute minumum. There will for sure be one every Saturday in Shlogust. Anything goes. The posts will be more concise, the fat trimmed off, just a blast of Shlog unfettered by all the pomp and frills that normally accompany the inane ramblings of this internet sanctuary. Think of it as a “Shlog 100 calorie pack.” By its very design it should temporarily quell your appetite, and then almost immediately leave you wanting more, which you will get the very next day. I’m excited about it.

That’s all I got. Anywhere from four to 31 days of Shlogust lay ahead, waiting to be filled. I can’t risk prematurely shooting my wad on some worthless July (or, Shlog-ly) post.

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