Posts That Some People Liked

Here are some posts that people seemed to like.

Women Need To Know That They’re Not Dating A Lunatic

Thank You For Attempting To Donate A Fecal Matter Splattered Toilet Seat To Charity

I Get The One Subway Sandwich “Artist” Who Was Influenced By The Minimalist Movement

The Harvard Law School Lecture Series

The No-Splash Urinal—How About It, Science?

From My Kitchen To Yours: How To Make Peanut Butter Sauce

Hey Sibley County, Please Don’t Arrest Me!

Striking Similarities Between Schrodinger’s Cat, Dave Dahl’s Old House, And The Sexuality Of Hermaphrodites

The Restroom Review — Apple Valley South Super Target

The Future of Black Friday

My Beard Quivers At The Thought Of a World In Which Gingers Are Hated

Joe Mauer: “My Favorite Part Of Life In The Big Leagues Is Shower Time”

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